Greek Food - Papadimitriou S.A.

Prime quality delicatessen products, the new Mediterannean taste Mustard
The Balsamon®

Med style Mustard
with Oregano & Thyme
Med style Mustard,

Med style Mustard
Tomato, Olive Pate & Basiliko

Papadimitriou S.A. was established more than 60 years ago and is still a family managed company. The Papadimitriou processing and packaging plant is recognised as the most up to date in Greece, rivalling many of the top food processing plants in Europe and Great Britain. The spacious premises include large warehousing and administrative quarters, as well as a fully equipped laboratory and the factory itself which benefits from the latest processing equipment.

Recently, the company expanded its activities by investing on a new series of prime quality delicatessen products. The Balsamon® series consists of traditional Greek products viewed through an inovative perspective in order to meet the expectations of modern cuisine.  (more information at

As many retailers and wholesalers across the world already know, one of the major benefits of Papadimitriou is that the quality of product is consistently excellent.

This reliability can be traced back to three factors: the excellence of raw materials supplied to the factory, the highly qualified people and the strict quality controls from the initial arrival of the raw materials to the packaging of the final product.


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