Greek Gourmet products, Trofotechniki S.A. XENIOS & Bouillon d’Or select product ranges


Trofotechniki S.A. was founded in 1987 in Thessaloniki and has gained success in the food industry through the production and marketing of food ingredients, foodservice products, dehydrated vegetables and herbs, as well as traditional products.


It is the first Greek company producing professional foodservice products.  Its products are made from natural ingredients that comply with strict quality standards, guaranteeing a cuisine that is unique in quality and rich in taste.


The long-term experience of the company’s associates in food technology and food tasting is a guarantee for reliability in the refined and sensitive field of gastronomy.


With the aim of contributing constantly and consistently to the improvement of the quality and taste, the company keeps up with contemporary developments in professional catering, it provides reliable information and always makes sure that it constitutes, through its products, a useful assistant to professional chefs.


Feta cheese in Olive oil

Garlic cloves in Olive oil

Greek oregano



Trofotechniki s.a. is also the first Greek company to install and operate a dehydration unit that employs the method of freeze drying for the production of dehydrated fruit and vegetables, herbs and other products with unique requirements and special applications in the food industry.


Taking into consideration the possibilities provided to us by the Greek earth for thousands of years, with raw materials such as olive oil, olives, vinegar, fruit and vegetables, Trofotechniki s.a. has moved on to the development and production of fine products based on oil, vinegar, olives and wonderful herbs that grow in Greece.  This led to the creation of the XENIOS select product ranges, which are produced with great artistry and care and are always driven by the secrets of Greek taste and tradition.


Black Olive paste

Basil paste

Green olive paste



Trofotechniki products are produced in the company’s modern facilities, in two separate production units (for products of animal or plant origin) covering an area of 10.000 m2 in the Thessaloniki Industrial Zone, in compliance with strict quality and hygiene specifications.




The company’s qualified personnel with its fully equipped quality control and microbiology laboratory, which is certified by the Hellenic Ministry of Agriculture, the E.U. codes for products of animal origin and refrigeration installations, as well as the strict implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System and ISO 22000 system constitute a guarantee for Trofotechniki’s products.





Trofotechniki , Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, C' Entrance,  57022, Sindos Thessaloniki, PO. BOX 1085, Tel: +30 2310 796840, Fax: +30 2310 796772 – http: ,  e-mail:


Visit Trofotechniki stands at X-Hellenica, on line Greek Food & Drinks Exhibition here and here.



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