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In the beginning of the 20th century (1920), confectioner Alkiviadis A Kalabokis, a refugee from Constantinople, settles in Sitia of Crete. In the cafe-confectionery which he opened in the city centre, Sitians but also visitors from across the island could find unique sweets and ice creams, made carefully with pure ingredients.


Recipes from Constantinople combined with traditional Cretan recipes created an incomparable blend of flavours. In 1956, Akiviadis’ son, Fokion Kalabokis, started standardising the production, maintaining its traditional nature, so that the products could be distributed beyond the city of Sitia.


In 1985, the baton is passed on to the third generation of the family. Brothers Alkiviadis and Christopher, with an aptitude for pastry making and respect for tradition, carry on with great zest and vision. Through a programme of technological development according to European standards, they extend the production facilities in a 2000 m2 standard production unit in Trypitos area of Sitia in the province of Lassithi, well known for its unique ecosystem which produces pure ingredients.




In the new facilities, segregation of ice cream and confectionery production is applied for the first time, which enables the effective operation of electronic quality control processes.


The production capacity for ice cream which exceeds 5000lt daily is the latest technological achievement in the field of ice cream. The equipment is entirely new and the whole production process is electronically monitored and controlled.


The production of traditional confectionery, bakery and patisserie products is segregated in order to allow for the overall, best possible and efficient control of the process.


In 1992, the family business is transformed into an incorporated company, named KALABOKIS S.A. still owned by the family. Today the distribution of the products has exceeded the geographical borders of Crete. Their placement in super market chains and hotel units, delicatessen stores and other outlets, offers the quality of the company’s products to a lot of consumers outside Crete, in the rest of Greece and abroad.


The constant effort of KALABOKIS S.A. to place its unique products in the market is based on the philosophy of guaranteeing an exceptional quality through a secure production method.


In 2002 the company launches a big investment project concerning a new bakery department, the maximisation of production and the optimisation of the production process.





In the beginning of the 21st century the company has two well known brands: «THEMIS» ice creams which were named after Themis – Goddess of Justice – because Grandfather’s Alkiviadis first cafe-confectionery store was located just next to Sitia’s courthouse.


The traditional confectioneries «SITIAN MILL» which have been produced by Kalabokis family for many decades persistently according to tradition, with pure ingredients, deriving mainly from the prosperous Cretan land, and the infinite dedication of the company’s people, who follow the tradition of the healthy Cretan diet.


In 2003 the company inaugurated contemporarily 2 new stores in Sitia’s city centre, KALABOKIS CAFE and NOSTIMON (tasty) MUST – FOOD.




In 2007 the renowned Cretan rusk called “ntakos” is presented by the company in a new, modernized shape and size in order to be perfectly adapted by the contemporary way of living. The traditional Barley Rusks “CRETANTAKOS” are the brand new products of Sitian Mill, in five different flavors made of aromatic herbs of Crete, with thyme, basil, oregano, rosemary and the original barley flavor that make them stand out in the long list of other ordinary bakery products. 


In addition in 2008 Kalabokis family in continuance to its long – standing course in the development and production of Cretan traditional bakery products widened its line with a new Sitian Mill flavour the “Mandarin cookies” with an exceptional aroma and great taste.




Finally at the end of January 2009, «Kalabokis SA» by acknowledging the new international trend of “Biologic Products” has accomplished to certify two products of the Sitian Mill range - the Olive oil cookies and the Almond biscuits - as Biologic.


Contact Information: KALABOKIS S.A., Ice cream & Confectionery factory, Trypitos PO Box 8535, GR-723 00 Sitia, Crete, Greece. Τel.:+30-28430-29450, 28430-29460, Fax:+30-28430-29461.

Heraklion Branch: 3rd Km Heraklion_Miron, GR-715 Heraklion Crete, Τel.:+30-2810-371150, 2810-371160, Fax:+30-2810-371161, E-mail: , & &


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