March 28, 29, 30 & April 1, 2012: Hermes Expo International celebrates its 21st anniversary.



Hermes Expo International is a leading American Trade Show & Networking Company that successfully acts as a bridge between the United States and the International Market (Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Armenian Business Communities) by providing a platform for Businesses and Organizations to showcase their Products and Services through various hosted events such as Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Conferences and Seminars.

Since 1992 Hermes International Expo Platform has been offering Companies and Organizations the opportunity for Brand Exposure, Investment Opportunities, Networking, Cross - Marketing, Trade & Exchange. Hermes Expo is linked and works closely and in cooperation with American and European Trade Missions, Ministries of Travel & Tourism, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Offices etc.



Hermes Expo was founded in 1992 in Philadelphia, PA by Paul Kotrotsios.


The first Hermes Expo Trade Show and Exhibition Conference was held at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino & Resort in Atlantic City, NJ and has been held in Atlantic City ever since.  It has been also hosted in other venues and cities, like the Navy Pier in Chicago, IL, Javits Center and Hilton Hotels in New York, NY.



TASTE OF GREECE is the Kick-off Event of the 21st Hermes Expo at the Radisson Hotel (32nd & Broadway, NY). This event is hosted by Hermes Expo International and sponsored by Marathon Bank, HUB and Calamos Investments. The event will start on March 29, 2012 at 1:00:pm and will end on 8:00:pm.



The following day (March 30, 2012) a Technology Seminar with Drexel University will take place at Philadelphia. This event which will start on 9:00 am and will end on 10:03 pm, is sponsored by Philadelphia Drexel University, Colonial Marble & Granite and PP&L Stadium Grand RECEPTION Wine & Food Tasting “Gefsignosia”



The Hermes Expo International (Atlantic City / March 31 & April 1, 2012 sectors are:  Construction, Educational Institutions, Computers & New Technology (Universities, Colleges, Tech Companies), Goverment & Municipalities Chambers of Commerce (National Pavilions-Prefectures, Municipalities and their Enterprises, Chamber of Commerce and their Members), International Trade (Marbles & Granites, Steel, Textiles, Jewelry, Food, Beverage & Fine Spirits Distribution, Technology, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Arts & Culture) , Investments-Banking & Finance, Marketing & Advertising, Media, Real Estate and Travel & Tourism (Tour Operators-Travel Agents, Hotels, Airlines, National Tourism Organizations).

During Hermes International Expo various parallel events will compliment the trade show: Networking Events & B2B (Hermes International Expo Hosts various Networking Events in major Cities in the US and abroad through trade Missions), Dinner Award Gala (People who have made substantial and positive impacts on the community and in their industry are honored annually at the Hermes International Expo Awards Dinner Gala), Young Professionals Initiative (The new generation is encouraged to attend the “Professional Growth & Youth Mentor Fair” for networking purposes and to obtain valuable career advice from professionals in a broad range of industries),  Business Seminars (Business and Educational Seminars are designed and organized by University faculties from the tri-state area, and feature informational seminars focused on the latest research and cutting edge industry practices), CME Health Care Symposiums (Health Care Symposiums are organized by the Hellenic Medical Society of Philadelphia and provide the opportunity for medical professionals and physicians to earn 3 credit hrs towards their CME. The attendees also have the opportunity to take advantage of enjoying the Expo’s parallel events), CLE Hellenic Lawyers Association (The CLE is organized by the National Hellenic Lawyer’s Association through Hermes Expo. This event serves to unite legal professionals to share thoughts and network with other counselors across the country).

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