Olive Soap Sporades from Skopelos: Handmade by the Grypiotis family since 1914 - from 100% olive oil, plain, or enriched with essential oils of balsam, mint or lavender.





Skopelos, the enchanting island of the Aegean sea, is the greenest island of Greece. At this location, the deep blue sky blends harmoniously with the blue of the sea, holding between them the dense green of pine trees and forests. The International Organization of Biopolitics proclaimed Skopelos as a «green and blue island» in 1997, while the «city» of Skopelos is characterized in 1978 as a «traditional settlement». The entire coastline of the island has a circumference of 67 km (17 km in length and just 8 km in width), with approximately 5,000 inhabitants.

It is in this little paradise, in the heart of Greece, that Stelios Grypiotis’s family has been handcrafting, for three generations, a pure, traditional soap without chemicals or other additives - an authentic natural cosmetic for the face and body!

The "raw material" is 100% the blessed fruit of the olive: olive oil. Mixed with an equal amount of water, the olive oil is placed in cauldrons, where it boils for about eight hours until the physical separation of the soap, with the help of soda and potassium. The soap resulting from this traditional process of boiling, either plain, or with the addition of essential oils of balsam (sedge), peppermint, or lavender, is placed in small, handcrafted molds. It is then left to cool for 12 hours, before being transferred to wooden trays to dry and then placed, one by one, in small cartons.

The ancient Greeks used olive oil to strengthen and soften their skin, or to keep healthy and shiny hair, and they considered it (justly) as a type of medicine with healing and antiseptic properties. Today, a soap made from 100% olive oil, with no chemical additives, is a natural cosmetic with invaluable properties for the skin, hair (especially for dandruff), moles, hemorrhoids, sunburn and many, many more!

In the green island of Skopelos, in the little «Soap-making Workshop», surrounded by the natural, wild beauty of the small village Glossa, Stelios Grypiotis carries on the long family tradition with the same enthusiasm and passion: He creates a few authentic, traditional "treasures" with the product line Olive Soap Sporades, engraved with the letter S, representing three words: Stelios, Skopelos, Sporades.





Soap Sporades, White



 A handmade, natural cosmetic for the face and body with zero acidity. Made from 100% olive oil (abundant in green Skopelos), it does not produce a lot of foam, due to the lack of additional chemicals, and does not melt quickly. The weight ranges from 110 grams (minimum) to 140 grams (maximum) - the packaging states only the minimum.




Soap Sporades Balsam


The soap is enriched with balsam (sedge) essential oil, which abounds in the greenest island of Greece. The balsam is collected every year in May from the mountains of the island, where olive oil containers are transported. This is because the flower dries out within a few hours from the time it is cut, so in order to produce the essential oil, the plant needs to be placed in olive oil containers where it remains for many months. In Skopelos, locals call the balsam plant «Kalokrasou» (roughly meaning “Good-wine” in Greek), because they used to put water with plenty of balsam inside wine barrels. The wood of the barrel absorbed the properties of balsam, and later conveyed that essence to the wine; as a result, the wine that came from these barrels was of excellent quality (good wine - Kalokrasou). Balsam, since the times of Galenus and Pedanius Dioscorides, is considered to have precious healing properties as well as curing various skin inflammations.



Soap Sporades Lavender


The soap is enriched with lavender essential oil, which from antiquity until today, has been characterized by its special antiseptic and relaxing properties, as well as its exquisite natural perfume.





Soap Sporades Mint




The soap is enriched with mint essential oil (Minthi in ancient Greek), which has been timelessly considered an exceptional, natural aromatic that offers a unique and pleasant cooling sensation.




Display stand for 16 soaps


It is worth noting that a natural soap that contains expensive essential oils of various flowers, cannot have an intense fragrance since it just transports the natural scent of the flower, unlike an ordinary soap with a chemical fragrance.






4 soaps in small carton 


If you would like to try the «Soap Sporades» line of soaps or if you like to get more information, you can visit  or send an e-mail at  .




Leonidas Koumakis

May, 2012





Greeks Abroad and Philhellenes: The catalyst that may quickly and effectively lead Greece out of the crisis 



*Leonidas Koumakis was born in Constantinople (Istanbul). He studied law at Athens University and for three decades was employed as Export Manager in Greek wine industry, travelled in 4 of the 5 continents of the planet, establishing an extensive distribution network in 32 countries. He is the author of The Miracle-A True Story (1992, fourth edition 2008) and Glance at the Roots of Hellenism (1997).




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