Illegal immigration: The multicultural colonization of modern Greece under the indifferent gaze of the world.




Almost two years ago, in our article entitled “Immigration: Everyday problems and possible solutions with .... common sense!” we stressed the fact that the very serious problems arising from illegal immigration throughout Greece, surpass the economic crisis plaguing the country. Sooner or later Greece’s Economic crisis will be overcome either with difficulty or greater difficulty. However illegal immigrants that has been methodically "planted" all over Greece since early 1990s are becoming more and more out of the control of the state and the society with visible and very dangerous consequences for the future of Greece. But let's take things in order:

Greece geographically is a corner store on a busy road: The morphology of the vast Greek coastline and islands (13,676 km coastline -11th in the world-, 2,500 islands and islets of which 165 are inhabited) as well as the peculiarities of the land borders create nearly infinite “entrance” points to the country. Greece's position within the European Union pull like a magnet armies of unfortunate people of every color, religion and race from  the vast and unending regions of Asia, Africa, Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East.

Decisive "contribution" to the growing flow of illegal immigrants into Greece are: (a) a number of NGOs funded with goldmine millions not only by European taxpayers but also by "willing" billionaires, (b) the European center in Brussels, (c) Turkey who systematically channel illegal immigrants – settlers to Greece, coincidentally Muslims by 99%, (d) the natural inadequacy of guarding vast Greek borders, and (e) the globally flourishing modern slave trade of unfortunate people from all over the world.

The vast percentage of illegal immigrants - settlers entering Greece, do not have the slightest cultural, linguistic, religious or educational characteristics of the Greek society. Perhaps they do not even have the intention to stay in Greece, initially considering Greece  as a very convenient "bridge" to other destinations. Unfortunately, all those who fail to go to other countries (or even if they do, are "returned" to Greece as the “port of entry” to Europe) are very soon "incorporated" into groups of similar people, creating in all major Greek cities dangerous ghettos that are beyond any control. This is an increasingly stronger and potentially explosive “tumor” inside the body of the Greek society that we all hope will not explode with great noise and bloody consequences. The "detonators" include the rampant crime in all its manifestations, the heavy threats to vital issues such as national security, social cohesion, and population health, the continuously worsening quality of life for Greeks and of course Islamic fundamentalism.

I remember that when the first ragged, miserable and persecuted refugees arrived from Albania and Turkish Kurdistan, we used to gather clothes and food to assist them. Surely we could never imagine that the traditional humanity and hospitality of Greeks would open a very dangerous road with no return!

In 2001, various studies and surveys calculated the total number of foreigners in Greece to number between 870,000 and 1,000,000 people, ie, about 9% of the total population (George Agorastakis "The enlargement of the European Union and the impact on employment in the Region ", Chania , 04/11/2004).

At that time, Greek authorities decided to enact law 2910/2001 which regulates certain aspects of migration, with the (vain) hope to put an end to the flood of widespread illegal immigrants - settlers who continued to be installed, almost undisturbed, throughout Greece. The law stated that immigrants may enter Greece, but only if they have a specific position within a specific employer and only if they have granted a work permit. In other words, according to the 2001 Greek law, no one from anywhere in the world is allowed to enter Greece illegally in search of work.

Ten years later (2010), the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy - ELIAMEP stated in that the number of immigrants in Greece ranges from 1,050,000 to 1,140,000, of whom 700,000 stay in Greece "legally." In contrast, a report by headquarters of Hellenic Police (March 2011) calculates the "legal" foreigners, (including the "legalizations" in 2005 from Law 3386 and in 2007 from Law 3536) to number 923,259 people. Moreover, the Hellenic Police stated in the same report that 480,000 additional illegal immigrants – settlers are living in Greece, for a total of 1,400,000 foreigners. With the increasingly dangerous hot spots of unrest in the countries of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, the same report by the Hellenic Police estimates that by 2015, illegal immigrants - settlers will top 1.2 million, bringing the total number of foreigners living in Greece to 2,000,000 people. This number creates the largest percentage of immigrants vs total population in whole of Europe! (Better not to think what may happen in 2030 to the children and in 2060 to the grandchildren of today’s Greek families if they continue untroubled as if nothing is wrong ...).



In 2010,  the "inspired" law enacted by Yannis Ragousis, Minister of Interior, regarding Decentralization and e-Governance, (Law 3838/10), grants Greek citizenship to foreigners with strictly formal requirements (years of legal residence of the applicant or his family, attendance at a Greek school for some time, lack of convictions for certain serious offenses). However in February 2013, The Hellenic Council of State, judged as unconstitutional the provisions of this law causing big trouble to various crooks and “pimps” who rushed to register foreigners to the election polls, in order to get their vote! The decision of The Hellenic Council of State was based on the grounds that the law should demand for those applying for citizenship, individualized judgment for links with the Greek nation and that the right to vote is restricted to Greek citizens and cannot be extended to those without this capacity, unless a revision of the relevant provision of the Greek Constitution is conducted.

In 2011, Law 3907 harmonized the legislation of Greece with the European Union’s Community Directive 2008/114/EK setting forth the conditions and the process of repatriation of illegal immigrants in the EU member states. Repatriation occurs in two stages after the adoption of the return decision, whether voluntary or forced. This departure can be completed in the home country, by another third party country which implements bilateral agreements (for example: Turkey), or by any other third country which would choose to accept incoming immigrants who are repatriating.

The official “Repatriation Decisions” for illegal immigrants are issued for specific persons, for specific reasons: (a) people who are banned from entering the country, (b) people who are subject to deportation by court order, (c) people who applied for a residency permit and get rejected, (d) people whose residency permits were not renewed, (e) people whose permit was revoked and lastly (f) people who do not care to renew their residency permits.

The “sluggish” and subdued application of possible repatriation of illegal immigrants - setters from Greece, is the clear outcome as can be seen in the following table comparing the number of arrests made by the police and port authorities with the number of deportations of illegal immigrants from 2006 to today: 




























Jan-March 2013






               Table by Leonidas Koumakis – Source: Hellenic Police


The deficiency, however, of the modern Greek state is unveiled by an official reply of Deputy Interior Minister Chr. Athanasiou (26/2/2013), to a query of an opposition MP regarding the number of illegal immigrants – settles spread throughout Greece from around the world over the past two decades: “There is no precise or even reliable way to estimate the number of illegal immigrants who are staying in Greece. Any attempt to determine a number is risky!

It seems clear that Greece in the year 2013 does not know or cannot determine on a daily basis how many illegal immigrants - settlers, move in to begin their new lives throughout the Greek territory, wherever they please! Greece today, remains for a second consecutive decade, the primary “entrance gate” into Europe, probably under the code name “vineyards without fences!”  In addition, Hellenic Police managed to capture nearly 800,000 illegal immigrants within almost 7 years but only 174,000 got deported, i.e, 21.7% - all the rest (626.000 people) plus all those who were not arrested are colonizing the Greek cities, the Greek villages, the Greek islands under the indifferent glance of Europe and the world!

If anyone dares to focus on this already important issue more than usual is immediately considered as a “fascist” or “racist” by the so-called “intellectuals”, “democratic media” and all their various offshoots!

A vast industry producing fake ‘Residency Permits’ has appeared within local Municipalities and Communities continuously supplying thousands of licenses to illegal immigrants and settlers and ignoring the immense damage caused to Greece. Of course, we are not talking at all about the tolerant, ‘democratic’ mayors who are in tandem with “cloudy” NGOs, acting as if they are “untouchables”. They perform “humanitarian” work by stowing in the slums, without any elementary hygiene, thousands of miserable and downtrodden people to whom they sell false dreams and “protection.”

Indeed the words of assassinated Prime Minister (1983-1989) and President of Turkish Republic (1989-1993) Turgut Ozal are coming to mind. When he was referring to Greek Turkish conflict, he use to say: “The problem cannot be solved with how many airplanes each side has, but with the demographic!” That is what we live in tensely today!

During the 400 year occupation of Greece by the Ottoman Turks, the settlers - conquerors never exceeded 800,000 persons with heavy weapons and bloody losses. Today, 99.9% of all Muslim settlers- intruders “forwarded” by Turkey from all parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia throughout Greece, has surpassed one million. All these people colonize "peacefully" in Greece anywhere they wish!

Meanwhile, crimes committed by illegal immigrants – settlers break one record after another all across Greece. Moreover, the normal incidents of crime have been multiplied at chilling rates. There have been dozens of homicides, even for causes of no importance, violent crimes, armed robberies, the countless break-ins, thefts and muggings on the streets, on the beaches, on and/or at public transportation sites and in parks. Furthermore, prostitution of both white and colored women flood the main streets of the major cities at night hours (and not only) without health checks, an ever-growing rash of drug smuggling and human trafficking, resulting in fears for personal security, and a dramatic decline in the quality of life for Greeks.

Some of the sensitive “activists” and various “progressives” of stupidity are able to dismantle an entire city so as not to cut some trees which will “degrade the quality of life” for a handful of residents. However, the same “activists” and “progressives” do not give a damn about the drastic destruction of the Greek quality of life and the everyday plight of millions of Greeks, who are suddenly forced to live in a neighborhood with self-styled alien  settlers that have different manners, different customs, different languages, different habits, different behavior, different religion with not the slightest possibility to assimilate into Greek culture and society!

A shocking speech by poet Kiki Dimoula (the third woman - member in the history of the Academy of Athens) is a wake-up call for those with selective “sensitivity”:

 “… I have lived in Kipseli (cc: old district near the center of Athens) for the past 76 years of my life and am still living on the same street… Kipseli was paradise, Pithias street where I lived on, there were nice houses with gardens, you knew everyone who lived on the street, the striking Fokionos street which descends towards the 6th High School at Eptanisou street .....…. Let’s not forget the reason why most of these immigrants came here, because of poverty of their own country. They came to live here. Some foreigners (Albanians mostly), are returning to their country. The only thing I do for Kipseli is to still live there. However, we have to say, that there is a constant danger; the locals are in danger of break-ins even on the street. I specifically remember one incident, at Pithias 42, at my parent’s apartment where my sister lived. Two times she went to the hospital; twice she was assaulted in front of the house door because she could not find the keys to get in. The first time they took my sister and her husband, taped their mouths and locked them in their bathroom while they robbed the house undisturbed. Isolated incidents, yes, but fear is unlimited. I’m not trying to say that all the foreigners in Kipseli are looters and robbers. However, if you go to Kipseli square, you cannot step anywhere. On the benches, only foreigners sit on them - very natural of course to spend their time – they play their own games. This causes most Kipseli residents to leave, that’s the reality. At the same time we like foreigners who left their place so they can live and work here, however there must be a way to share the space….”   

The annual cost of illegal immigration for Greece, already hurt by a strong economic crisis, is reaching every single year to the levels of many billions of Euros! The payments made to migrants who send money back to their families is close to one billion Euros (922 million Euros, 2011 data). The free health treatment of illegal immigrants in Greece (50% of the patients in the Greek National Health System are foreigners) amounts to 150 million Euros (2010 data). The cost of imprisoned foreigners (representing 65% of all prisoners) has risen according to 2012 data, to 81.5 million Euros. If the cost of each type and category of government department and the cost of local authorities that work exclusively in the field of illegal migration is added, the economic and social costs of the rampant crime, the full tax immunity of the illegal immigrants, the cost of free-rides throughout public transportation in main cities (90% of immigrants don’t pay for tickets to use public transportation), ordinary or extra expenses to keep safe the roads and the borders as well as other expenses, can give a brief idea of the enormous cost of illegal immigration to Greece. And this, when Greek government and politicians are “obliged” to cut pensions of 300 Euros from the older refugees of Pontus, just because they “did not complete 20 or more years of residency in Greece!”

The “civilization” of politicians remains icily indifferent, but becomes immediately sensitive when there is an opportunity to “legalize” colorful settlers from all over the world for some votes, at the total expense of the Greeks!



How did Greece end up like this? How did Greece get to this point? What went wrong? What's still wrong for this incredibly bad situation?

(1)   The European legal framework: The Dublin II Regulation of the European Union (343/2002) condemns Greece with 10 million inhabitants, substantively as the most important 'gateway' to Europe of 700 million people! Greece is obliged to "welcome" illegal immigrants - settlers arriving endlessly, mainly from Greek-Turkish borders. If Greek authorities manage to locate some of them, and resend them back to their home, the agreements signed with Turkey (2001), oblige the Republic of Turkey to accept back the illegal immigrants entering Greece through Greek-Turkish borders. Unfortunately these agreements are completely ignored by Turkish authorities and are not applied. Just as the Treaty of Lausanne (1923) was ridiculed by the Turks, not only do they fail to apply even a single article of their obligations, but they do not fail to invoke any article that possibly could favor them! The same fate awaits the agreement signed in Brussels (12 June 2012) between EU - Turkey providing the readmission of illegal immigrants.

 (2)  The incoherent, hypocritical and contradictory European policy on immigration: The European Commission in an incoherent mixture of humanism, progressivism and protection throughout Europe (except Greece), has essentially has turned Greece into an ideal place for colonization by allowing each white, black or yellow people, from anywhere on the planet, to come freely and with "rights" to Greece, but are strictly forbidden to leave for any other European country! Even if someone escapes and reaches another European country and is arrested, he is sent back not to his homeland but to .... Greece! Several NGOs, with European taxpayers' money and a lot of money provided by 'hidden' millionaires, have been working for many years especially in the field of "human rights" for illegal immigrants - settlers arriving continuously to Greece. Some NGOs even advertise Greece in deprived areas of the world, as the "ideal country of immigration!' These poor people who although pay real gold to traffickers and various “patrons”, arrive in Greece clutching copies of their 'human rights', distributed by NGOs, so that they will have no problems within the European country that they decide to colonize! On top of this, Greece is accused by officials in Brussels that it “violates” the rights of illegal immigrants! This ultimate theater of the absurd is often completed with "expression of concern" by the Brussels bureaucracy, for the rise of, just a few years ago non-existent, fascism in Greece! On one hand Brussels is generously sowing seeds that make fascism flourish, irrigating them continuously with incoherent decisions, and on the other hand is expressing 'concern' recommending strongly anti-racist laws, in other words, "head hurts, cut head "!

(3) Internal political situation in Greece: In recent years under the unbearable pressure of a huge economic crisis driven by a few decades of opulence on the part of Greeks with borrowed money, the traditional single-party Government seems to have became a thing of the past for Greek political history. Most political parties currently operating in Greece still consider the obvious meaning of “homeland” i.e. the place where we and our family were born, the place for which many Greeks were sacrificed to arrive at our generation, the place with ties of continuity from generation to generation, the place where we live with people with whom we share a common history,  the same customs, the same language, the same interests, the same religion, the same feeling that we belong as Greeks and of course the place we all want to leave to future generations as precious heritage. Most of Greek political parties also consider self-evident that the arrival of immigrants (legal or illegal) is ??on the basis of hospitality in a country that over the centuries has generated a specific persona, with certain characteristics, to which they owe the utmost respect. If immigrants want to settle, they should be able to adapt, adopting the language, the values and the ideals of the country. However, there are parties of the broader left, with a completely different approach to the issue of illegal immigrants considering (in general) that there is only one, vast socialist homeland.

The Greek Communist Party considers the problem as a consequence of "global capitalist imperialist policy", asking that immigrants “be legalized, procedures be simplified, the children of immigrants in the 18th year of age be given the right to seek citizenship”, while expressing their radical opposition to Frontex (European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union) saying that “racism, xenophobia, nationalism and fascism are enemies of the working class and the popular masses. "

Excluding Communists the wider left which now has much broader appeal amongst the working classes, considers the exploitation of immigrants as "class struggle because of the exploitation that exist in work and production" and "racial due to outbreaks of racism, xenophobia and social bias" by asking for political rights to migrants, such as citizenship, opportunity to participate actively in political life, etc., and "an open and ongoing legalization process" with the additional explanation that "so, they can go to any other European country they want!".

This reality, however, also presents all the characteristics of a theater of the absurd: The left, battling very hard in words for globalization, is in fact the most passionate and effective advocate for immigrants, under the guise of "progressive humanism" and "solidarity"! And indeed, "ignoring" the (prophetic) words of the philosopher and the founder of communism Karl Marx (1818 to 1883): "The purpose of importing foreign workers is the maintenance of slavery and the cancellation of all claims of domestic workers for wages and working conditions. The immigrant competes the native worker and slowly reduces the wages to his own level. It is the most effective weapon of the capitalist".

In other words, the left today in Greece, on one hand systematically fosters the image of the immigrant’s “protector” for all settlers arriving constantly in Greece, and at the same time with these pronouncements, dynamites and dissolves salaries, day-wages, the standard of living and quality of life of all Greek workers for whom it claims to fight!



Conclusion: Most modern Greeks have an old, bad habit. For every unfortunate circumstance happening in their country, their work, their family or even themselves,  Greeks usually blame "others"  - never or almost never, themselves. This is an enduring  inability which needs to be resolved.

The tragic situation in Greece today, with hundreds of thousands of undisturbed settlers with the necessary "humanitarian protection", is the fault of all Greeks.

All Greeks because we elect incompetent or corrupt governors, mayors, etc. who drown in  hypocritical hyperbole regarding 'humanism', 'democratic sensibilities" and "solidarity" yet do not have the strength to face the most important of the serious and intimidating problems of modern Greece.

All Greeks because we send to the Greek Parliament those who are "squeezed" into the Izmir seafront with strange new - Ottoman respects,  those who are  pissing the doors of TV channels supposedly to protest, those who, on the very first day of their "power", appoint to a public position, their daughter or their son, those who boasted publicly that they screwed half of the female population of Athens, those who, although responsible, "did not see", "did not listen", "do not know" how a long list of possible (and very rich) tax evaders disappeared, those who although members of Greek Parliament advertise .... "Recipes for anarchy" - to cut a long story short, Greeks send to Parliament every kind of unreliable persons with the illusion that these people are able to solve the serious problems of Greece!

We are to blame because even though we see, hear and live through the effects of the economic crisis, an outrageous everyday circumstance which is made worse by the continuous arrival of illegal immigrants, we do not talk, because we are afraid that we will be pinned with the label of "fascist" or "racist."

We are to blame because we easily hire an uninsured immigrant with 5 or 15 Euros per day and do not pay double or even triple to a Greek worker with the appropriate insurance.

We are to blame because in order to save ourselves a few pennies, we buy smuggled merchandise on the streets not thinking that by this action we are closing tax-paying shops and we are sending to unemployment Greek workers depriving at the same time, the Greek state from  precious taxes.

We are to blame because those participating within the various committees and the decision making organs of the left parties, do not dare, even if they think so, to openly oppose the outdated viewpoints of these parties with the harsh reality regarding to the crucial problem of illegal immigrants. With this situation, the united Greek left parties have been transformed into the gold sponsor of fascism in Greece, nonexistent just a very few years ago! This is because fascists in Greece are simply thriving on the inability of all "democratic forces" to understand the magnitude of the tragedy suffered in excruciating ways everyday by middle class Greek people!

The leftists imposing these viewpoints, more likely have not set foot for years in various streets within the center of Athens during night hours, like Acharnon street, Patision street, Omonia square and hundreds of other ghetto locations within Greece!

We are to blame because we pretend that we do not see all this “smart guys” within various posts of the wider state organization who have found a source of enrichment from illegal immigration, in other words from the destruction of Greece!



After the attempted “self-criticism”, let's see what we can do in a practical way to deal with this intolerable situation.

It is commonly accepted that the current situation in Greece is for many people unbearable and is exacerbated by the financial crisis, recession and incredible levels of unemployment - especially among young people. For those, like Kiki Dimoula, who actually have the misfortune to link their personal or professional lives with places that have been colonized, everyday life has been turned into a real nightmare. We must therefore, firstly prevent the spread of the problem, and then try to narrow it within the European average of immigrants - settlers at the level of 6% of the local population. In this context:

(1)   The most important thing Greece should do is to immediately intensify the compliance with the European Community’s official “Repatriation Decision” for all illegal immigrants - settlers, through fair and proper procedures. It is crucial to give a very strong message that in Greece there is no room for new settlers and that once they enter the country illegally they will be sent back. The intensification of this process will help the country to "decompress" the ghettos that are chock full of illegal immigrant in large Greek cities like Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras. This will also help to reduce the astronomical costs incurred by the country to cope with the illegal settlers.

(2)   It is very important to enumerate accurately all immigrants - settlers that have entered Greece over last decades. The most practical way to do this is to establish an e-card of different colors, with full biometric details for each immigrant residing permanently or temporarily in Greece, completely eliminating sinful “Residence permits”. In this way, even in a few years, Greece will have an exact picture of the huge problem. Moreover, it is easy for those who are not equipped with electronic e-card to issue an official “Repatriation Decision” without law enforcement authorities having to decipher cards to decide whether a "Residence permit" of a settler is authentic or just .... false “permit”!

(3)   Those immigrants, within the established ratio of up to 6% of the Greek population, who really want to be incorporated into Greek society in order to secure permanent residence should go through a "Special programs of smooth integration into Greek society" which, among other steps, will include learning the Greek language, Greek history and culture, mandatory enrollment in cultural volunteerism activities and a spotless criminal record.  Only after "graduating" from the "Special programs of smooth integration into Greek society" will the immigrant be allowed entry into the workforce, insurance, health and taxation systems.

(4)   In our opinion, the Greek opposition parties and more broadly, the left-leaning  parties, have a unique opportunity to gain support because of the severity of the current economic problems and the harsh and unpopular austerity measures that have been imposed, if they can propose real solutions not only in matters of economy, but also in solving the illegal immigrants crisis. The current proposal for "open and continuous process of legalization" for illegal immigrants - settlers entering Greece with the hope that they will move on "to any European country they wish" can be considered only as a romantic dream. Before the first "Legalization licenses” are even printed, Greece most likely will be thrown out of the Schengen Agreement and be saddled with the weight of an unspecified number of people, impossible to bear. Moreover, the very active and 'specialized' NGOs will likely broadcast around the "problematic" world, a powerful message that Greece welcomes any settler who wishes to immigrate into the country, and thus provide an "open and ongoing process of legalization" that no doubt will result in new massive wave of arrivals. But the worst thing that is going to happen is that this situation will favor the fascists and will probably "upgrade" them to the level of the Greek opposition!

(5)   It is widely known that the City of Athens, and not only, has a variety of activities for numerous immigrants - settlers that gather in the Greek capital (Department of Foreigners with separate divisions for Administrative support, Secretariat & Archives, Social Welfare, hostels for homeless foreigners, clinics with free access to healthcare for foreigners, tutoring services for learning the Greek language, intercultural childcare services, the broadcast of foreign language programs by the Radio City Station "Athens 9.84" etc.). These fair humanitarian activities, funded by sorely tried Greek citizens through controversial "Municipal Fees" must necessarily be implemented in all Greek municipalities to provide support services for voluntary repatriation of (legal or illegal) immigrants. However, it is essential that in the capital, the current Mayor of Athens, who is not at all known as a religious politician, should stop planning construction of dozens of mosques in Athens with the money of the citizens in order to further degrade the quality of their everyday life! With a few more similar "genius ideas", it is more than probable that in the next municipal elections, he will donate the whole municipality of Athens to the fascists! 

Finally, we must note that, whether we like it or not, the 'current' Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection is the most active and most effective among all of the previous Ministers paraded from this position in the last decade (or longer): 

The fence along the border at the bridgehead Karagatz  was completed to prevent entry of illegal immigrants through the Greek-Turkish borderline (16/12/2012). The installation of an intrusion detection system and network thermal cameras and motion detectors along the Greek-Turkish borders was launched. A visit was paid to Bangladesh for the signing of the first agreement against illegal immigration (23/02/2013). The operation “Xenios Zefs”  on land and “Poseidon” on the Greek seafront  to combat illegal immigration has been applied consistently, resulting in the improvement, even if only a little, of the situation within the large Greek cities. In this respect, some leftish opinions that "The operation Xenios Zeus is insulting Greek culture" reminds us of the idiomatic expressionpainting the bathroom while the house burns”!. The number of Hospitality and Reception Centers for illegal immigrants, where they are held when arrested at the border or in cities around the country, are steadily increasing. In short, after almost two decades, something is finally being accomplished in spite of the blissful apathy of the irresponsible and populist politicians!



In conclusion: Personally I do not feel any trace of racism, as is the case with the  overwhelming percentage of Greeks, nor do I think we have to segregate those people who deserve our respect, as most of them are poor people seeking a better life. I just cannot accept the rampant and relentless colonization of my country even one tenth of a centimeter beyond the European average of our quota!

It is often observed of various politicians, who lack any contact with reality, that they must begin to understand that the Greek society has for a long time surpassed the limits of its endurance with the nonstop arrival of alien settlers in  their neighborhoods and within their homeland. If they think that because they live in expensive suburbs, the problem does not concern them, they are grievously mistaken!

The chaotic cultural and religious differences that divide us will certainly explode, making the tragic incidents of dead and wounded in Sweden, England and France look like child's play.

On top of this, Greece does not have friendly neighbors such as Denmark, France or Spain but rather is surrounded by Turks, Albanians, Bulgarians and the Scopians (fake-macedonians), with all that this entails...


Leonidas Koumakis

July, 2013


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*Leonidas Koumakis was born in Constantinople (Istanbul). He studied law at Athens University and for three decades was employed as Export Manager in Greek wine industry, travelled in 4 of the 5 continents of the planet, establishing an extensive distribution network in 32 countries. He is the author of The Miracle-A True Story (1992, fourth edition 2008) and Glance at the Roots of Hellenism (1997).


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