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THE MIRACLE – A True story

“Every so often a book hits you right between the eyes. It reaches deep into your soul and leaves an indelible mark. The Miracle by Leonidas Koumakis is such a book. Mr. Koumakis' book is not only his story, it is also the story of millions of Turkey's forgotten ethnic Greek citizens. It is an important book for a number of reasons. First, it gives people in the West, especially Americans, a peak at a country that is vastly different from the exotic travel destination and loyal ally that it is perceived as. Secondly, it is about remembrance. Modern day Turks have been systematically denied the right to know and understand all of their checkered history. The Turkish government would prefer the rest of us to forget that history as well….. ….Finally, even in the 21st century, Turkey continues to deny the people it governs basic human rights whether they happen to be Turks or Christians or Cypriots or Kurds. It continues to occupy part of Cyprus, selling property that belongs to the rightful Greek Cypriot owners and destroying the Greek heritage of the area, it continues to ask for special rights for the thriving Muslim minority in Thrace while denying basic ones to the almost extinct Greek Christian minority in Istanbul, Tenedos and Imvros. It continues to make claims on Greek and Cypriot territory, violating air and sea boundaries. It continues to restrict the Patriarchate, confiscating its property and keeps the Theological Seminary at Halki closed. It continues to deny, obfuscate and dissemble. Turkey wants to take its rightful place in Europe. It demands respect. Unfortunately, history can be rewritten, bodies can be buried, property can be stolen, churches and monasteries can be destroyed or transformed into mosques. The truth is not so easily covered up and only the truth can set us free. Read it, tell others about it. Never forget. “ My Greek Odyssey magazine, September 25, 2008

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